Germany: Halal Control Certification Body based in Germany

Rüsselsheim, 30th April 2021

HALAL CONTROL (HC) is an independent and impartial certification body, engaged in the conformity assessment and halal certification of products, processes and services of the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and logistics industries.

HALAL CONTROL is an ISO 17065 certified body. They deliver their services in a consumer’s protective way and in conformity with international standards. HC is your partner in holding up compliance and integrity. Unconditionally.

HC is pleased to start advertising on, a globally renowed online halal news source. We value as a platform of excellence which understands to competently observe the halal industry and consumers protection.

HC‘s consistent quality, compliance and integrity policies supports consumer protection and promotes confidence in “Halal products – made in Germany”. With the advertisement on HC is highlighting this role in the halal ecosystem.

For more than 20 years HALAL CONTROL has been active as an independent body for conformity assessment and halal certification and is a reliable service partner for the German and European food industry.