Ghanim CEO headhunt continues

GHANIM INTERNAITONAL FOOD CORPORATION is conducting another round of headhunting to find the best candidate to helm the company.

“At the moment we don’t know about the new CEO, we’ve been through
one round, and we’re going through another round,” said Ghanim interim
chief Noel Shield, who stated during the recent International Halal
Market Conference, that a permanent CEO would assume office before the
end of this year.

Ghanim manages the marketing of the Brunei Halal brand that licensed
manufacturers use to penetrate the growing and lucrative global halal

There is currently no deadline as to when a permanent Ghanim chief executive should be in Brunei, Shield told The Brunei Times.

“We were hoping on having one by now, but until we get the right person, there’s no rush to get someone,” he said.

Shield said some of the duties that the new CEO would have to
perform include selecting a range of products to go under the Brunei
Halal brand.

“It is important we get someone, but it is not holding up the growth as I’ll be doing it” in the meantime, said Shield.

“What we’re doing now is we’ve set ourselves certain timelines when
we started the company and those timelines include the setting up of
the company and putting the finance in place for the administration
system,” he said. Headhunting for the permanent chief executive is also
part of putting the platform in place.

During the recent halal conference held at the International
Convention Centre, Shield said that Ghanim was down to two candidates
for the chief executive position, and should have been announced by the
end of August. “By the time we announce the appointment, the CEO
normally takes two months to finish the jobs they’re doing and
relocate, so I’ll probably be the interim CEO till the end of September
or October.”