Halal Accreditation will Introduce Pakistani Products around the Globe

The Role of Pakistan National Accreditation Council (PNAC), in this regard is commendable which will help in the growth of Halal Exports:  Zubair Mughal


(Lahore) The step of introducing Halal Accreditation Scheme by Pakistan National Accreditation Council (PNAC), Federal Ministry for Science and Technology is commendable as it will help to introduce Pakistani Halal products globally, increasing exports, as well. These words were expressed by Mr. Muhammad Zubair Mughal, Chief Executive Officer – Halal Research Council in a seminar on the topic of Halal in Lahore. He said that due to non availability of Halal accreditation in Pakistan, Pakistan’s Halal Certification Agencies were facing many difficulties at national and international level. He said that despite this fact that Pakistan is facing different international propagandas, there is a positive side that Pakistan’s Religious prestige and authenticity is endorsed and highly recognized all around the world and international communities gives vital importance to products certified & Exported by Pakistan along with the Halal label.

He said that this accreditation will not only help Pakistan to increase the exports of Halal food, meat, dairy products, chemical beverages and spices but also would help to promote the non food products like Halal Cosmetics, Chemicals, gelatin, pharmaceuticals and Halal Tourism. He further added that Pakistan Standard and Quality Control Authority have issued two standards, PS: 4992–2010 and PS: 3733–2010 in which PS: 3733-2010 relates to management and procedure of Halal food for Halal Food industry whereas PS: 4992-2010 is related to general procedure of Halal Certification Institutions.

He said that Halal Research Council is a registered institute under Joint Stock Company Act, 1860 which primarily works for Halal Certifications, Research & Education, Training, Advisory and Consultancy whereas its strategic partners are providing the services of Halal certification in Malaysia, Italy, UK, Philippine and Mauritius.