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Halal and Islamic Finance – a new horizon of opportunity

| 24/07/2013 | 1 Reply

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  1. Abdalhamid says:

    This is an important interview. More than any other statement that I have heard or read, this short piece opens up a new horizon of opportunity. Rushdi defines a new kind of relationship between Islamic Finance and the Halal products sector that offers a means of renewal for the tired IF sector. IF means very little to the average man in the street. Halal food means a great deal. It is a defining element of a Muslim’s identity wherever he or she might reside. Every Muslim has an opinion and a position about the importance of Halal integrity when it comes to food, and yet, for most people, Islamic Finance is either a luxury, or in some cases and irrelevance.

    The convergence of IF and Halal is, in my view, inevitable. As for how this might happen…watch and listen. See a new horizon.

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