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Halal certification for restaurants

| 05/12/2008 | 1 Reply
By James Kon

Entrepreneurs in the restaurant business will now be able to obtain the ‘halal’ certification from the Halal
Food Control Division and Syariah Affairs at the Ministry of Religious Affairs.

The Halal Food Control Division and Syariah Affairs at the Ministry of Religious Affairs made this
announcement yesterday.

Applicants who wish to obtain the Brunei Halal Certificates for their restaurant can obtain the necessary
forms at the Halal Food Control Division located at Jln Elizabeth II, BSB, or at the Halal Food Control
Division branches located in Kuala Belait, Tutong or Temburong during office hours.

The Halal Food Control Division reminds the public that eateries that do not possess the halal certificates
cannot display the label of ‘Halal,’ ‘Di Tanggung Halal,’ ‘Makanan Islam’ or the likes at their business

Under chapter 6 (4) ‘Halal’ Certificates and Halal Label Order 2005, action can be taken on anyone who is
found guilty of breaking the regulation.

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  1. I would love to get some advice on what I should do. For the past 2 and Half years I have applied for the Halal Certificate for our 3 Restaurants in Brunei.
    For the past Year when we applied for our Rampain Renewal we only get 6 month renewal as we still dont have the certificate. When I asked in KB today first they could not find the file then when they find it I was told once again that they cannot tell me when it will be ready as they are very busy. I have kindly asked them to at least write me a letter to aknoldge that I have submit for the Halal Certificate and that they can confirm with us that they cannot let me know when they could follow up so that I can present this letter when submitting for Rampaian Renewal so that they can issue the Rampaian. Unfortunally they said that they cannot do that and I am really worried that the Rampaian wont be renewed because of the long delay of the Halal Certificate. I would love any kind of advice on this matter, I have lived in this part of the world for 17 years, my kids were all born here in Brunei and feel that this has now become our second home. I am very worried about this situation can some one help me out PLEASE and Thanks

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