Halal fast food franchise hits UK streets

Halal fast food franchise hits UK streets    

By asianimage.co.uk

May 02, 2008, 10:47
One of the UK’s first Halal fast food franchises has launched after working with a leading franchise expert.

Mahmoods, a Halal burger bar and takeaway has just launched its franchise offer after working with Franchise Development Services Northern (FDS Northern).

The decision to launch the franchise network came after owner Tariq Mahmood established his own Halal fast food chain, beginning in Bradford.

“The first restaurant was launched in 2001 in Bradford when it became obvious to me that there was a real need to offer high quality takeaway food in pleasant surroundings, which was also Halal,” said Tariq.

“Many Muslims enjoy fast food, but in places like McDonald’s can only have a veggie burger, so there seemed to be a real opportunity to offer an alternative.

“I set up the first restaurant and saw very quickly how successful it was and working with my team opened a further three in Bradford, Leeds and Dewsbury.

“But the plan was always to set up a franchise network so we began working with Tony to develop a franchise offer last year.”

Tariq and his team worked closely with FDS director Tony Urwin to create a franchise package which offered new franchisees the optimum level of support and training throughout their partnership.

“All our new recruits get four weeks’ training working in one of our existing outlets while their restaurant is fitted out,” said Tariq.

“Then one of our managers will work with them on site at their outlet for at least two weeks to make sure they are happy.

“The franchise will then get ongoing support from a designated manager and the in house marketing team to ensure the business succeeds, because we recognise the success of our franchises is our success.”

Working on the launch of the franchise offer with Tony has not only helped to create a high quality business proposition, it has also improved the performance of the core business, according to Tariq.

“Because Tony examines every bit of the business in such detail and makes suggestions on how to improve the processes, it has had a real impact on our own restaurants,” he said.

“And while developing the franchise has involved time, money and effort, we have seen the benefits almost from day one – now we are looking forward to welcoming our first franchisees on board.”

Mahmoods has tapped into a growing market in catering for different ethnic and religious groups, according to Tony Urwin.

“Tariq and his team have identified a gap in the market with the franchise offer and I am confident this sector has massive growth potential,” he said.

“They have also recognised the need for a robust support and training package for franchises which will maximise the potential for success for every new outlet.”