Halal food in US schools?

Halal food in US schools

BSS, New York

powerful US Senate is likely to witness a bill from Democrat Senator
John Sabini, who is pursuing to ensure ‘halal food’ for Muslim students
in schools of the city and the state as well.

“The ‘Halal Food
Bill’ will be placed before the State Senate shortly,” John said at a
fund-raising meeting in the city on Thursday.

Expatriates in New York organised the programme, where John Sabini also
said that he and some other Democrat senators have been trying their
best to raise funds from US business community for the cyclone-hit
people in Bangladesh.

John Sabini has made a success last
year, when he put forward a bill in the senate asking government to
keep Eid days free from public examinations for Muslims. The bill has
been passed to enact a new law.

District Leader of Democratic
Party Mohammad Amunullah and president of American- Bangladesh Chambers
of Commerce Gias Ahmed, among others, spoke on the occasion.