Halal hampers company starts a small revolution

Halal hampers company starts a small revolution

Rather than handing over an envelope of cash this summer why not not try something completely different.

When Nasreen Karim wanted to buy something for her friends wedding she came up with a novel idea.

“I was contemplating what to get and all of sudden I thought why can’t I give them a hamper.

“It is different, exclusive and will really stand out from the crowd.”

Since she launched Hiba Hampers with her sister Shaheen and Zahid Rauf the company has begun to turn heads.

It has already featured at a host of celebrity parties and awards
nights. And the company has started a small revolution of it’s own by
encouraging Asians to get a little more creative when it comes to
giving wedding presents.

“We all know that when it comes to weddings, some of us are not
always the most imaginative. I just got a bit tired of buying the same
old gifts or handing over an envelope full of cash!

“But with Hiba Hampers you can make an exclusive hamper to suit you.

“All the products are 100% halal and if you want something completely new we will try our best to get it for you.”

“We want the hamper to be personal and judging from some of the
feedback, it is that personal touch that is so important to the person
who recieves the hamper.”

The hamper is made from the finest products sourced from around the
world. All the drinks are non-alcoholic. The hand made baskets are
imported from abroad, the jams from France and the chocolates from

Prices for the hampers range from £50 to £250 for the most expensive.

“It all depends on what the customer wants. People always choose
different things but if you like me can’t make your mind-up, then just
tell us about the occasion and a little bit about the person and we’ll
do the rest.”

Tahir Mirza an IT consultant was one of Hiba Hampers first
customers. “I must say I was a little apprehensive but when my sister
got a hamper for her wedding she was overjoyed. I put in all of her
favourite chocolates and even a teddy bear she used to play with as a
child. Just to see that look on her face was priceless in itself.”

“It’s such a simple and original way to put a smile on the face of someone really special to you.”

To find out more about Hiba Hampers see link. www.hibahampers.co.uk