Halal India & Halal Research Council Pakistan sign Strategic Partnership MOU

This contract is signed between Halal Research Council-Pakistan and Halal India Pvt Ltd on the project of clientele provision for Halal Strategic Partnership. Following terms & condition are mutually agreed upon and thus signed by both parties.

PRLog (Press Release)Jan 22, 2011 – •   Both parties will promote Halal Development industry in their respective regions and worldwide

•   Party A and Party B will conduct awareness and promotional activities for Halal Industry for respective countries

•   Both Parties will initiate marketing campaign through website promotional drive, banner advertisements (online), brochures distribution on all events attended, e-shoots, organizational listing and all other sources that may produce excellent outputs.

•   Logo will be placed on  the both parties websites under the heading of “Strategic Partner”

•   During the terms of this MOU, party A and party B  has the opportunity to carry out seminars, conferences and other programs in their respective countries

•   Both parties will be bound to promote other partner’s “certified products”

•   The inspection and audit services of each partner will facilitate other party for partner clients in its respective country

•   Party B will Promote Party A’s Distance learning Programmes on the behalf of Party A in its country

•   The organization name, logo of party A or B will be titled as international “supporter”

in all events organized by either party

•   The parties will exchange their services to facilitate auditing & inspection of each other in their respective regions

•   Both parties will provide speaking opportunities to each other in their international programmes