Halal India signs MoU with Halal Nepal

Halal India, the leading certification body in India has signed a MoU with Halal Nepal Services.

Halal Nepal is first and only certification body in Nepal which has rolled out its services few months back and has got tremendous response in the region. The MoU signing ceremony was held in India on 21st October 2011. Mr Jauwad Ansari, secretary, Halal Nepal visited Halal India office with his team members which included representative from the sharia board of Halal Nepal.

On this occasion Mr Jinna, CEO, Halal India, stated that this MoU will help with bringing these two countries together in many ways. Lots of products are being exported from India to Nepal and now Halal India certified products will reach to Nepal to cater to the significant Muslim population of Nepal. And due to the increasing global appeal of Halal Certified products, non-muslims will also prefer Halal Certified products. He also brought to the attention of Nepal’s Tourism industry, which can be a next perfect place of Halal Friendly tourism in future.

Mr Jauwad Ansari, secretary, Halal Nepal stated that Halal India has huge experience in Halal Certification and other related services and Halal Nepal is very keen and enthusiastic to learn from Halal India.

About Halal India

Halal India is a leading certification body in India. Halal India is a member of IHIA (International Halal Integrity Alliance, Malaysia) which is a partner of the Islamic Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia). Halal India is also partner with CrescentRating, a Singapore based Hospitality rating company.

Halal India has certified hundreds of companies in India as halal.It has provided Halal Business solution to Carrefour, the French Retail giant, which has already rolled out its presence in India through Wholesale Cash and Carry (WC & C), Nirma Salt, Haldiram Namkeens and Sweets, Goldwinner oil, Vadilal Foods, Vadilal ice creams, Bacfo Pharmaceuticals, Alchemist Limited, Ambuja Group, Daawat Basmati Rice, Palita Nasi Kandar Intl (P) Ltd (Malaysian chain of Restaurants), Hotel Vestin Park, Ruan Thai, Wangs Kitchen among many others.

About Halal Nepal

The first Halal certification authority in Nepal, which is registered under Nepal corporate law and it’s been accredited by most of the halal certification authorities around the world. Halal Nepal is an Independent NGO body, which incorporated with the government of Nepal, deals in Permitted (Halal) Food, Research Work, Issuing of Halal Compliance Certification, Independent auditing and monitoring product compositions and services as per Shariah law. Promote healthy& hygiene food preparation, handling and serving processes, promoting halal friendly tourism, halal friendly medical treatments, Facilitate Hajj & Umrah services , halal products supply chain processes & logistics. Promote and certify Islamic finance, bonds, insurance, stocks etc.  Thereby, we ensure that the Halal consumers and the Service providers derive benefits from that which is lawful and good as per shariah Law.