‘Halal market should be exploited to the maximum’

Staff Report

KARACHI: The stakeholders should exploit
the global Halal market to the maximum level in order to overcome the
prevailing recession in the world and minimize bulging trade deficit,
Chairman, Korangi Association of Trade and Industry (KATI), Razzak
Hashim Paracha said Friday.

Addressing the audience during
presentation on world Halal economy by the CEO of Halal Development
Project, Pakistan (HDP), Asad Sajjad, he said that it is surprising to
know that Pakistan has remained alien in this trillion dollar market
and no stakeholder possess any share in this lucrative market.

said that world’s Halal trade would surpass than any other trade in the
world in next few years and manufacturers should enter into this most
lucrative market.

“Opportunity never gets lost, it grabs someone
else”, commented Paracha explaining that a number of non-Muslim
countries including Australia, Brazil, New Zealand, USA, Thailand and
other countries have grabbed the opportunities to benefit Halal market
and engaging in billions of dollars trade worldwide every year.

said that if the Pakistani manufacturers entered into this market some
years before, the country would never have to bow-down to the IMF and
World Bank.

While appreciating the efforts by HDP to create
awareness among the stakeholders about Halal economy, he on behalf of
KATI, assured his all out assistance and help to exploit this market
progressing at a fast pace.

The Patron In-chief, KATI, S M
Muneer at this occasion said that serious and determined efforts by the
stakeholders are required to get Pakistan’s due share in this market
which is exploited by only two Muslim countries Malaysia and Indonesia
so far.

The CEO, HDP, Asad Sajjad in his presentation said that
awareness about world Halal market and Halal standards in Pakistan is
almost zero as people here believe Halal means chicken and meat only.
He explained that quality of Halal products and Halal standards are
very high due to which not only Muslim buy Halal products but even
non-Muslims look for Halal certified items by virtue of their quality
and hygiene.

He informed that awareness about Halal is higher in those countries where Muslims are in minority.

inviting exporters towards Halal business, he said that by the end of
2025, the population of Muslims in the world would reach to 30 percent
of the total population of the world and the Halal trade’s share would
be even higher than today’s two trillion dollars.