Halal Meat in Solution for School in the UK


Dale Primary School in Derby, is to have only Halal meat on the school menu for certain days of the week.

The reason being, that if the meat is not totally Halal, there could be
cross contamination with non Halal meat, especially pork.

Dale school arranges its own menu, having opted out of the local
council school meals system, the majority of the 550 pupils are of
Moslem origin.

There are close to 3 million Moslems living in the United Kingdom,
manly from the Pakistani community, that arrived in the UK, two
generations ago.

The Moslem community makes up a large part of the middle class
community, Tesco supermarkets now have Halal butchery’s in some of
their stores, franchised to the National Halal Meat Company in
Birmingham. Web page www.nationalhalal.com