Halal Restaurants in the centre of Moscow

Now the heart of Moscow, at the prestigious Strastnoy Boulevard,
has two restaurants with fully halal food and the complete absence of

One of them, the restaurant Kyoto, which opened in 2008, was named the best
Japanese restaurant, and is premium class. Another restaurant ‘Sharm el-Sheikh’ fits into the restaurants for the middle class.

They are owned by a restraunteur with 23 years of experience
Ababukur Kambulatovich Bekmurza. In the past he was general manager of the
restaurant complex in the hotel “Russia”.

According to A. Bekmurzieva: “In Moscow the number of restaurants with halal
cuisine is very small, but with halal cuisine without alcohol – none.
A month ago I decided to make the restaurants “Sharm al-Sheikh” and
“Kyoto” completely halal and no alcohol. I was not afraid to make
this step and possibly lose their benefits. When I am asked whether I had a
business plan, or a feasibility study, I say that was
not considered. I counted only one thing: before God, we must have the
answer, we do not know whether He will forgive us our past sins and ask
God not make them in the future. I personally took this decision.
And I think that was right.

Also, I received very strong support among my staff, and among my friends, and especially among the clients. Many people love to
eat at Kyoto and Sharm al-Sheikh. I gave them a choice. Today you can come
to a beautiful restaurant with good service, with delicious food. To
come to be with your family, children, wives, sisters. No drinking, no
drunken people who show bad behavior. In our restaurant smoking is not welcome. We even wrote about it with humor on the plates at the tables.
The restaurants have healthy food, which now stretches the world.

What is halal to eat? This is slaughtered with the name of God, no carrion. The meat, is drained of the blood,
as the most impurity is in the blood. That is halal which leads to health. Our
restaurant has room for prayers. However, we are inviting not
only Muslims but also for all those seeking sobriety and healthy
lifestyles .“

Talking about how colleagues in the restaurant business reacted to the creation of his restaurants
without alcohol , Ababukur
Bekmurza said: “In Moscow, a lot of restaurants have their own direction,
with their own kitchens, with their quirks. Some believe that it is just a
whim. But I want to give choices to people who do not want to drink and
do not like smoking. Restaurant is like fashion. When someone creates
something, he is not sure that there will be buyers. In our
business, we need the good reviews, people love to create beauty and
comfort, love tasty food. Let the client decide where to go to eat. “

” I am confident that halal restaurants without alcohol are the future
of the restaurant business. A sober and healthy lifestyle – the future
of our country ,” A. Bekmurza concluded with optimism .