Halal standard gets Olympic seal of approval

THERE has been a major breakthrough in securing approval of a food accreditation standard set by the European Halal Development Agency.


It comes with the publication of the 2012 Olympic Games food guidelines that set standards for food including Halal at the games in London in two-and-a-half years.


The Olympic Committee has published their food vision guide for procurement of the food and drink for the games. It has been produced after much consultation and support from The Food Advisory Group, which had a diverse membership.


The Food Vision Guide has set benchmark standards that the food and drink suppliers and procurers must achieve.


Olympic Officials have approved the Assured Meat Scheme (The Red Tractor) for most food and drinks. Halal and Kosher meals are subject to very specific preparation requirements.


The Food and Vision Guide has approved The European Halal Development Agency’s Standard for all Halal products. Kosher meat will be prepared in conjunction with Beth Lin.


“This comes as fantastic news for many Muslims as Halal is certainly on the menu at the London Olympics 2012 Games,” said Mohammad Nazir, Chairman of the European Halal Development Agency and chair of the West Midlands Minority Ethnic Business Forum.


“The European Halal Standard is the only standard in the UK that provides complete assurance from farm to plate working closely with mainstream standards such as BRC and is currently working closely with Assured British Meat to agree standards for Halal food.”


“We are working hard to provide Muslim consumers with full Halal Integrity from farm to plate that has not existed before. The approval at the London Olympics 2012 Games is the icing on the cake for all the hard work the Board has done along with our partners.”