Halal Subway celebrates 1st birthday

A SUBWAY store, which went halal a year ago, says business couldn’t be better after a 20 per cent increase in sales.

store based at Texaco on Manchester Road, Hollinwood is even accredited
by the Islamic Foundation of Ireland where the halal meat comes from.

Owner Mike Williams said they took the decision to turn their subway
store halal very seriously by serving exclusively halal meats and
banning pork products in line with Muslim dietary rules

also meant disposing some kitchen equipment including cutlery, knives,
containers, chopping boards and replacing them with new ones.

Staff even had to get new sets of uniforms.

The store was closed for a week before re-opening as halal.

Said Mike: “That was a year ago and I’m really glad we made the decision to go halal.

the demographics of the area where we had a large number of Asian
clients I thought it was necessary to cater for everybody’s needs and
reflect the community we serve.

“In the beginning our Muslim
clients didn’t have much on offer preferring tuna or vegetable on their
sandwiches but as soon as halal meat was introduced, the whole menu was
avaialble to them. One of the favourites now is meatball sub – which
previously wouldn’t have been allowed.

“To replace ham we use turkey ham which is halal and we use turkey rashers to replace bacon.

is still come scepticism from people when we tell them that we’re 100
per cent halal, but once I explain the procedure we have gone through
and the fact that there are no haram ingredients including pork
available at the store, they feel assured.”

He added: “When
we decided to do this we decided to do it properly. Some of our
competitors offer halal products but if your selling a halal meat
sandwich and there’s a pork sandwich sat right next to it, it’s not
halal anymore.”

The store will be celebrating its first
anniversary of going halal next month and to commemorate this, it’s
offering a ‘buy one get one free offer’ on its 6ft sub sandwiches.

To claim your offer just print out this page and take into the store.