Halal venture is tasty for food giant Nestlé as it cashes in on surging demand

Food giant Nestlé has gone halal in 75 of
its 480 plants worldwide as it cashes in on a surge in demand for food
and products acceptable to devout Muslims.

The global market is now estimated to be worth £300billion a year.

A Nestlé plant in Switzerland produces 41,000 tons a year of halal puff pastry, preserved with potassium sorbate instead of alcohol.


Demand: The growing market for halal food – which is acceptable to devout Muslims – has boosted Nestlé’s sales

Islamic countries, especially Malaysia, are fuelling the demand.

manufacturers now even produce mineral water and rice that is halal
while research institutes explore whether certain additives are
permitted for Muslims.

Nestlé had sales of more than £45billion last year, with £2billion from halal products.

McDonald’s opened its first European restaurant with halal burgers on
the menu in London last year, sales rose immediately.

Tesco and Sainsbury’s have installed separate halal shelving and are targeting Muslims in their advertising.