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‘Halal’ vitamins to be launched at Arab Health

| 10/12/2008 | 1 Reply


unique range of vitamin and mineral supplements, which have been
specially approved by the Halal Food Authority, will be launched at
Arab Health 2009, a premier healthcare event in the Middle East.

At the event, UK-based Principle Healthcare will be showcasing their
new Halal supplement range, which comes in four different types – Omega
3, Vitamin C, Calcium and Vitamin D, and Iron.

One of the world leaders in vitamins and supplements, the company
will also showcase its ‘Lifestyle’ range which is available in eight
different varieties and has been formulated to meet specific lifestyle
requirements, such as pregnancy, vegetarians and joint-care.

Included in the supplements is BioCalth – a clinically proven,
patented calcium formulation, which through its unique ingredient –
L-threonate – has a superior absorption rate to other calcium
supplements. It also encourages the formation of collagen and
cartilage, strengthening bones and increasing bone density.

“We have worked closely with the Halal Food Authority to develop
this range of vitamins and we are delighted to be able to launch these
unique supplements at Arab Health,” said Martin Hendron, export manager
of Principle Healthcare.

“Taking supplements can help people in many ways including
preventing vitamin and mineral deficiencies, providing amounts of
nutrients larger than the diet can provide and also protecting against
future disease. We are aware that different people have different needs
so we are therefore continually developing our range to reflect this.”

Arab Health 2009 will take place in Dubai from January 26 to 29.-TradeArabia News Service

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  1. Muslims take care what they eat is halal yet most are oblivious to their medicines and supplements. It is not just swine gelatine that we need to avoid…
    All haram products like gelatine from animals that have not been slaughtered in the halal way, all human material as found in vaccines (mainly aborted fetal cells) and even harmful chemical (it is haram to cause harm) like neurotoxins: mercury in vaccines etc…
    Muslims should start caring and finding out, Allah will help us all find the halal alternatives. Spiralyne is made from a NATURAL algae rich in multivitamins, mineral and vegetable proteins ideal for RAMADHAN (keeps hunger at bay). The algae is grown in pure, clean water than merely dried and pressed into tablets to ease it ingestion (not eaten as powder as the taste is a little odd).
    Check the website out: the algae is halal , the company set up by practicing Muslims with totally halal funds (no riba, no loans, just halal savings) wal salam aleikum.

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