Halaljournal Revamped To Further Promote Halal Industry

KUALA LUMPUR, March 19 (Bernama) — Top halal website Halaljournal.com
has been revamped and is expected to attract more hits in its bid to
further promote the industry, its editor Jumaatun Azmi said today.

A product of KasehDia Sdn Bhd, the online magazine has been
modernised and is working with Google for better search features, she
said, adding that it has also been linked to bigger websites like BBC
for more coverage.

“Malaysia is at the forefront of leadership for progressive
Islamic concepts and the halal industry. So we want to be the best in
delivering news and intelligence to the market,” she told reporters at
the launch of the revamped online magazine here.

Jumaatun, who is also KasehDia’s managing director, said the firm
was now focusing more on online medium which is considered the future
of telecommunications and an important tool for influence.

Halaljournal.com has been getting about 600,000 hits per month, an
increase of 30 times since it was first launched, and is now used to
track trends and problems in the halal industry.

At the launch, Halal Industry Development Corporation’s chief
executive officer, Datuk Seri Jamil Bidin, said a major barrier in
developing the industry was awareness.

“We are moving into new areas of halal. It is not just food but
cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, services like banking, and also logistics,”
Jamil said.

“People want to know what Malaysia is doing, especially about
halal standards, and KasehDia has increased awareness tremendously,” he

He added that HDC’s own online database, Halal Support Centre, was
working closely with Halaljournal.com and sharing content like fatwa,
events and stories.