HDC Certs: Call For Efforts To Get Recognition From More Countries

By Muin Abdul Majid

DUBAI, Nov 12 (Bernama) — Efforts have to be made to convince
more countries to recognise halal certificates issued by the Malaysian
Halal Industry Development Corporation (HDC), said Entrepreneur and
Cooperative Development Ministry Secretary-General Datuk Musa Muhamad

If not, Malaysia’s halal products would face difficulties in penetrating those markets especially the Middle East, he said.

He said the halal certificate issuance process in Malaysia met
international standards and covered various aspects such as religious,
cleanliness and product safety and security.

“The government, particularly the HDC, has to assume the
responsibility to convince buyer countries like United Arab Emirates to
recognise our halal certificates.

“When our halal certificates have been recognised, it will among
others facilitate the customs process which now requires various
assurances like health certification, safety certification and so on.
Actually, our halal certificates meet all these,” he told Bernama after
opening Malaysian pavilion at the World Halal Exposition in Abu Dhabi.

He said the halal certificate also covered aspects from
cultivation, processing and manufacturing to distribution, usage and
business negotiations in determining a fair price.

“There shall be no riba and profiteering elements. The buyer and
seller also have to be satisfied with the price to make it halal,” he

Ten cooperatives and companies from Malaysia involved in the halal
industry took part in the three-day exposition that began yesterday.

The Entrepreneur and Cooperative Development Ministry is among
agencies responsible in developing halal products and services,
especially those involving Bumiputera entreprenuers and cooperatives.

Musa said the ministry had set a RM40 million sales target which
the Malaysian participants should achieve compared RM35 million last

The ministry was also identifying several business opportunities which could be tapped in the Emirates, he said.

He said several parties in Dubai and Abu Dhabi were interested in
forging cooperation with Malaysia to set up “Halmart” in the Gulf