Health & Medical Tourism 2008

Health & Medical Tourism 2008 : Convention
& Exhibition 2008-Global Competency in the Gulf Region: Malaysia,
Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei,India, Turkey, Belgium,Mexico
and United Arab Emirates.

Transforming professional education:

Health Travel & Medical Tourism: Convention & Exhibition
2008 is a vehicle such as a Framework Convention on Global Health
(FCGH) could powerfully improve global health governance. Health Travel
& Medical Tourism: Convention & Exhibition 2008 could set
achievable goals for global health spending; define areas of cost
effective investment to meet basic survival needs; build sustainable
health systems; and create incentives for scientific innovation for
affordable treatments in Heart Health Travel(Coronary Angiography,
Heart Surgery), Dental Tourism, Elderly Tourism, Sports Medicine,
Cosmetic Treatment, Wellness Treatment (Spas and Health Resorts),
Special Needs Medical Travel & Tourism (Rehabilitative medicine),
Genetics disorders and Gene Therapy, Executive Spinal Fusion : A
Multifaceted Holistic Approach, Traditional Chinese Medicine,
Ayurveda,Yoga etc.

This is a platform for Global Competency in Technology Transfer
(Biotechnology-Medicine for the Earth: Biodynamic Preparations) and
Halal Healthcare – pharmaceutical & healthcare innovations).

By focusing on the major determinants of health and Asean Asian
Millennium Health & Medical Tourism 2008 topics such as Challenges
and Opportunities : How to improve the quality and safety of patient
care? (Children’s Health, Women’s Health, Risks, Advices and
Finance),the international community could dramatically improve
prospects for good health.

Health Travel & Medical Tourism 2008: Convention & Exhibition
2008 would stimulate creative public/private partnerships and actively
engage civil society stakeholders from different sectors such as
Healthy Family Travels, Medical Device Industries (Risk and Opportunity
Assessment), Wellness Spas, Healthcare destinations, High Quality
Gastronomic Healthy & Wellness sectors etc.

Experts make recommendations to protect health through High Quality
Gastronomic Healthy & Wellness Applications in Cuisine,

Wellness- drinks and Water, Drinking Water, and Water Protection

MARK YOUR CALENDAR: 14-16 October 2008,Malaysia and 25-27 November 2008, United Arab Emirates.

This is the opportunity to discover the best healthcare destination
set in a most dynamic Health Tourism and Medical Travel platform. The
Organizer firmly believe that multinationals will reinvent the Health
Tourism and Medical Travel concept for a better tomorrow during this
event. “ARE YOU THERE”? Join us to unlock your business potential.

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