HMC warns French customers of fake labels

hmc logoThe Halal Monitoring Committee in the UK has issued the following statement after discovering that some products in France were showing fake HMC labels.

“It has been brought to our attention that counterfeit HMC labelled products are being sold in France under the brand Aqdas Foods.

We understand products are from Romania and being sold mainly in France. This is a clear breach of trust and our patent logo and customers should be aware.

HMC has been unsuccessful in contacting Aqdas Foods to ask them to remove any HMC branding and explain the use of our logo.

Please note, HMC does not operate in France and does not have any representatives in France to verify products. If you are concerned about HMC labelled products outside of the UK, please e-mail the HMC office on and attach a picture of the label or stamp and name of supplier.”