India: Halal India launches online Halal restaurant guide

Chennai, India

India, with a population of over 170 million Muslims, gets its first online restaurant guide. In an event encouraged with the presence of Chennai City Health Officer Dr. Kuganantham, Director of Indonesian Trade consulate, Chennai Mr Aksamil Khair and many other noted dignitaries, the website was launched officially.

This online Restaurant guide is first of its kind in India which features all the Halal Certified Restaurants, Hotels, Halal Friendly Hotels, Halal Friendly hospitals, Halal Friendly shops and beyond. The website will also be dedicated to improve the food Safety Standards in Indian Food, restaurant and retail industry.

This will be a comprehensive and dedicated guide for all travellers as well as Halal Consumers within the country and for those people visiting India from around the world.

On this occasion, the chief guest, Dr Kuganantham stated that a community movement is very much required to promote food safety and quality in India. He emphasized that the food safety laws were before also in India. And now the government has come up with more stringent & unified rules and regulations. He also stated that Halal Certification can be a great tool in bringing food safety revolution in India.

His inspirational speech indicated his sincerity and commitment towards the society regarding public health and extended help to the young lad (Halal India Team) for bringing about the change in India.

Mr Aksamil Khair, Director of Indonesian Trade Promotion Centre brought to our notice another important aspect of this website. He said for him, and for other lacs of people coming to India for residing or as a tourist, this website will work as catalyst for people to come to India without any hesitation.

He illuminated the audience with a key benefit of having this website i.e. promoting trade and business in India with Indonesia and other major countries. His statement came out with supporting fact that for any business to grow between countries, cultural understanding and affinity is very important, and Halal India’s initiative will fill this gap by its act of launching the website.

There were no. of Hoteliers, Restaurateur, Meat Shop owners and other Food business operators who were present. Apart from this, key people from industries, public health department and various other fields were also available.

Celebrity chef Jacob also made his kind presence with his speech on the importance and value of Halal Certification. Manager of Pelita Nasi Kandar (A Malaysian International chain of Restaurant Present in India also) apprised the audience on how their business grew after taking the Halal Certification from Halal India two years back.

Mufti-in-charge of Halal India, Mufti Omer Sheriff  made a detailed speech clearing air on matters of Halal and also emphasizing on why Halal is important for whole humanity.

A short presentation was given by Halal India representative showing on how Halal India certified restaurants are gaining more business and reputation not only among Indians but also tourist from across the world.

The launched website can be viewed by following the below link:

About Halal India

Halal India (HI) is as an Independent Certification body which is registered with government of India. Halal India is very pleased to introduce itself as one of the established Halal Certification bodies in India. Halal India Certification is becoming more relevant in today’s market mainly because people are more aware of the Halal concept it is not just about religious matters but it extends to the products or services being deemed safe for consumption as well as have health benefits.

Halal India, recognized by IHIA (International Halal Integrity Alliance, Malaysia) who is a partner of the Islamic Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia). It has been recognized by the 57 OIC (Organization of Islamic Conference) Countries, and Intertek Testing Services, a testing company, are its global partners.