India: Maxim Media to study Halal tourism opportunities in India

NEW DELHI, (IINA) – Recently formed Muslim marketing consultancy firm, Maxim Media Pvt. Ltd, Publisher of India’s first Muslim Lifestyle magazine and Islamic Calendar, is in a strategic tie up with US based research and advisory firm, Dinar Standard, to research the possibilities and opportunities for Halal tourism in India.

Marketing Director, Ziaulla Firdos Nomani said, “Dinar Standard of US and CrescentRating Pte Ltd of Singapore in a JV will soon be publishing a report on Muslim Friendly services in the tourism industry. Out of the 14 countries they have selected to focus on, Maxim Media is researching the Muslim friendly opportunities India can provide for inbound travelers from the OIC and other countries.”

Islam is the second largest religion in the world, with approximately 2.1 billion Muslims worldwide. As wealthier Muslim populations in Muslim-majority countries, and particularly Western Europe and the US grow, so does the possibility of Halal tourism becoming big business.

India is a country with rich heritage and cultural diversity. For sure, it will have great appeal to the travelers coming to relax and enjoy their holidays. If the Tourism service providers can cater to the religious needs of the Muslim travelers, it will give a boost to the Indian tourism economy.

In the year 2010, India had tourists from approximately 17 Muslim countries, ie: Saudi Arabia, UAE, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc.

India is one of the fastest growing economies, increasing trade visits of overseas Muslim entrepreneurs. Another reason for visiting India is to obtain medical treatment, with some hospital facilities already being Halal certified.

Studying the needs of Muslim foreign tourists, and incorporating them into tourism projects, will have hopefully have Muslims from all over the world visiting India.