India seeks more Halal Trade with Brunei

Bandar Seri Begawan – India is looking forward to working with Brunei to improve the trade of India Halal products in the Brunei market.

Chairman of SAARC and delegation with executive committee members of Indian Chamber of Commerce.

Vice President of World Halal Congress who is also the chairman and founder of South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC), AJ Mohamed” Jinna said this in an interview during a courtesy call on the Chairman of Indian Chamber of Commerce, Nazeer Ahamed Zackiriah at his office at Nazmi Textile Mall in Serusop on Monday

“We have met with the Halal Authority Department at the Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources and we found it was very good the way they do the process and we would like to learn what Brunei has established”.

AJ Mohamed Jinna who is also the CEO of Halal India, Executive Director of Halal Nepal and Executive Director of Halal Bangladesh Services and Executive Director of Halaal International Hub Singapore said, “There are a lot of critical factors in the complexity of the production today because the environment has changed.

“I had a meeting with the Permanent Secretary at Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources and it was a fruitful discussion as we are trying to bring India and Brunei closer in trade and tourism.

“And we see a long relationship that should be made stronger through trade and tourism.”

He said a lot of improvements have been made in the past in the trade sector between Brunei and India but we are now taking a new initiative to bringing in halal products from India to Brunei. The Brunei government is willing to learn from us and we also learn from Brunei.

“Our purpose of visiting the Indian Chamber of Commerce was to understand any difficulties they are facing and I want to share their experience with the Indian ministries.

The delegation left the country the same day to Singapore and Malaysia.

The Chairman of Indian Chamber of Commerce, Nazeer Ahamed Zackiriah, welcomed the positive move by the Congress to further strengthen Brunei-India trade ties especially in Halal products. The delegation visited Brunei for the first time with the objective to promote Halal products and Halal friendly tourism.

Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin