Indonesia: BPJPH Ensures Halal Certification Still Under MUI’s Authority

Tempo: 16 October 2020

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The Halal Certification Agency (BPJPH) Head Sukoso asserted that the management of halal certification was still under the authority of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI).

“It is mandated in Article 33 of Law No. 33 of 2014 on the guarantee of halal products, which is managed by MUI through a halal fatwa (edict) trial,” said Sukoso in his written statement, Friday, October 16, 2020.

He explained that the Omnibus Law on Job Creation did not clip MUI’s wings. Article 33 of the new law and the Halal Products Guarantee Law (UU JPH) regulate that the agency is authorized for the determination of halal products.

In the omnibus law, Article 31(1) of UU JPH regarding the time limit of the halal examination was slightly revised. It was said that halal product guarantor agencies (LPH) have 15 days to check and examine the halal status of a product. This provision is not explicitly stipulated in the UU JPH.

The new law also added one paragraph to Article 31 that LPH was allowed to submit a written proposal for extra time for the product examination.

“If LPH fails to meet the time limit in the halal certification process, the LPH will be evaluated and/or subject to administrative sanctions,” said Sukoso.