Indonesia: Here is Superiority of Safi, New Halal Beauty Products in Indonesia

Safi representatives demonstrating products to customers.

JAKARTA, NNC – It is undeniable that almost all women want to look younger and beautiful. Because of that, no wonder if now there are so many varieties of beauty products that offer different advantages, one of them is Safi, beauty products from Malaysia that has officially penetrated the country.

So, what are the benefits offered by this number one beauty products in Malaysia? Responding to this, Safi Global Brand Custodian, Mahsuri Sulaiman, said that one of Safi’s advantages is that everything is produced through the Safi Research Institute.

Safi Research Institute, explained Mahsuri, is the first and largest halal skin care research institute located in Malaysia. There are 100 scientists and researchers dedicated to creating halal skin care products.

“All products that Safi produces are safe, natural, clinically tested, and most importantly halal,” Mahsuri said at the launch of Safi, in Kasablanka, Jakarta, Thursday (3/29/2018).

“Even the products we produce have to have halal certification first, before entering the market. And Safi itself has 30 years consistently produced skincare products in Malaysia,” added Mahsuri.

Mahsuri believes that a woman must be able to discover her true beauty not only in the skin care routine but throughout the course of her life.

“Safi offers effective high quality skin care for Indonesian women so they can get the best of modern care, while maintaining traditional values,” Mahsuri said.

There are at least three beauty product ranges from Safi which penetrated Indonesia. They are ranges of anti aging, advanced whitening, and natural whitening. All three are for women of different ages.

Anti aging is for women aged 30 years and over, advanced whitening is for women aged 25 years and over, and natural whitening is for women who are younger age, that is, 17 years and over.

“Safi products are made from the finest natural ingredients and are halal certified, non-alcoholic, and without gelatin. Safi products also meet the standards of various world bodies such as the Federal Drug Authority (FDA), European Economic Community (EEC), British Pharmacopoeia (BP), and Cosmetic, Toiletries & Fragrance Association (CFTA),” Mahsuri concluded.