Indonesia: International Training on MUI Halal Assurance System 2015

logo_muiImplementation of the Halal Assurance System (HAS) is a pre-requisite programme for obtaining halal certification from MUI in Indonesia.  Based on this policy, in order to get or renew a halal certificate from MUI, their halal registered companies must fulfill the minimum score of implementation of HAS in their organisation.
In terms of implementing HAS, the Halal Management Organisation plays a significant role to design, implement, organise, and maintain the HAS in their halal certified company internally.  In order to implement HAS running well, the Internal Halal Management (IHM) as part of a halal management organization, is generally responsible to control, monitor, and evaluate the implementation of the HAS.  That is why the IHM must meet the necessary competency required by LPPOM MUI.  In meeting such competency, the IHM certainly has to understand the requirements of the Halal Assurance System (HAS 23000), by getting the knowledge and having the skills to organize the implementation of HAS as well as to solve the problems found.
Based on this need, as they have done previously, LPPOM MUI will facilitate the Internal Halal Management teams and expect them to be participants in the International Training of IHM on the Halal Assurance System.  Participants of previous training are also encouraged to attend this training.
In order to get a perspective from the halal certified company’s point of view in implementing HAS, halal auditors from international halal certifying bodies are also welcomed to join this training.
Objective of The Training
After attending this training, participants hopefully can acquire knowledge as follows :
1. Halal certification principle and procedure
2. Critical points on halal materials according to original source (animal, plant, microbial, and other groups)
3. Halal Assurance System requirement and documentation
4. How to set up and implement Halal Assurance System
5. How LPPOM MUI assess HAS manual and implementation in halal registered company
6. Halal document requirements on materials, process, facilities, and products.
7. Technique and tips in implementation of HAS to meet minimum score.
Who Should Attend This Training
– Halal Executives
– Internal halal auditors of the halal certified companies
– Companies need to halal certified
– Auditors for halal certifying bodies
– Distributor/supplier companies
Training Date And Venue
This event will be held on May 26th – 28th 2015 at Ballroom IPB International Convention Center
Pajajaran Street – Bogor City – West Java Province
INDONESIA     (Website :
 Training Time 
• Monday, May 26th  2015 : 09.00 am – 05.00 pm
• Tuesday, May 27th  2015 : 08.30 am – 05.00 pm
• Wednesday, May 28th 2015 : 08.30 am – 03.00 pm
Information and Registration
For further information please contact :
 1. Tina  (Mrs)
Phone : +62 817400428
Email :
 2. Tizza (Mrs)
Phone : +62 81311293412/  +62 251 8358748
Fax : +62 251 8358747
Email :