Indonesia: PKS Rejects MUI’s Involvement in Halal Certification

TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta:The Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) has rejected the Indonesian Ulemas Council’s (MUI) proposal to be involved in halal product certification. PKS politician Ledia Hanifa said it was not appropriate for a halal product regulators to be involved in the certification process.

“We don’t want an institution to produce the rule and execute it as well,” Ledia told Tempo yesterday.

The MUI argues that is should be involved in guaranteeing the suitability of halal products in the Halal Product Guarantee Draft. According to MUI chief in charge of fatwas (religious edict) Ma’ruf Amin, halal labeling is a written fatwa. The MUI, he said, should be involved in the assessment process, from the initial audit stage until the fatwa issuance.