Indonesia threatens Aust beef exporters

Indonesia’s agriculture minister has reportedly said
that Australian beef-certifying bodies must meet new Islamic halal
guidelines otherwise Australian beef imports will banned.

Indonesia’s council of clerics, which decides proper halal practices,
says that all of Australia’s certifying bodies have been approved.

Indonesia’s state-owned news agency Antara reported that agriculture
minister Anton Apriyantono said new standards set by the clerics
council, the MUI, had to be met or Australian beef would face a ban
like that imposed on New Zealand’s exporters.

The MUI no longer recognises some of New Zealand’s halal certifying bodies.

However Lukmanul Hakim, the deputy director of the MUI’s food, drug and
cosmetics division, says that while three Australian halal certifiers
were suspended, all eight have now been approved.

He said any Australian beef still held up at Jakarta’s port will be released.