Indonesia to Import Meat from Brazil

Indonesia plans to open the way for Brazilian meat imports in an effort
to lower domestic meat prices, Agriculture Minister Anton Aprijantono
said Monday in Jakarta.

“We will expand our sources of supply, which now can be from anywhere,
but the most important thing is the meat be safe to consume and halal
[fit according to Islamic law],” Apriyantono said, as quoted by Antara
news agency.

He said the additional supply of meat from Brazil would be realized
immediately depending on how ready importers were to start importing.

“We will first inform the importers about the regulation but preparations should continue,” he said.

The minister said that besides increasing the supply, importing more
meat would also allow for classification of meat into different grades
and price categories.

“At present, all types of meat are priced the same while they are
actually classifiable into better cuts for middle-income consumers, for
example, and regular for general consumers,” he said.

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has said the government would cut
the price of meat following the drop in the global price of fuel oil.