Indonesian Vice President Opens the AGM-WHFC

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID,¬†JAKARTA — Indonesian vice president, Boediono, opened Annual General Meeting World Halal Food Council (AGM-WHFC) and International Workshop on Indonesian Role for Strengthening Global Halal 2012, at his office, Monday.

The meetings among Muslim scholars, he said, would promote understanding and expand experience on how to implement the system of halal product in an effective way. Halal means food or other things prepared in accordance to Islamic law.

“The forum will be a great opportunity to open discussions and exchanging ideas among policy makers, practioners, academicians, and stake holders,” Boediono said.

For Muslims, food, drink, medicine, cosmetic and other products are not only to fullfill physical needs, but also should be in accordance to religious principles.

Indonesia has 200 milions Muslim in its population. The number is equal with six other countries in total, namely Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Uni Arab Emirates, Qatar, Malaysia, and Turkey. The huge number reflects a great potential for halal product.

“Therefore, we need to work hard to write, implement, and monitor the policy on halal products. We also need to promote implementing these policies to achieve global standardization in halal product,” he said.

Furthermore, Boediono explained that halal standardization was the duty of Indonesian Muslim Scholars Council (MUI) and Drug and Food Enforcement Body (BP POM). The bodies task to certify halal products in Indonesia.

“We need to enhance cooperation with other countries. Hopefully, The World Halal Food Council can facilitate such cooperations,” Boediono said.