INEXTO is a revolutionary solution for total transparency and Provenance of Trust

INEXTO, which is part of the IMPALA Group, is a leading company in the field of traceability and authentication whose solutions now cover more than 100 billion products worldwide.

Thanks to its unique expertise, INEXTO now offers a revolutionary solution that guarantees total transparency and Provenance of Trust regarding the origin, composition, quality and distribution chain of food and related products to all stakeholders, right up to the final consumer.

Any producer wishing to communicate in total transparency as to the ingredients and origin of its products, and the certifications obtained (e.g. organic, environmental impact, Halal) has an efficient solution, guaranteeing the establishment of a relationship of trust with distributors and end- consumers.

Our solutions provide manufacturers with powerful analysis and optimization tools, such as mapping the entire product life cycle from raw material suppliers to distributors of finished products, allowing them to quickly identify any malfunctions or incidents.

In addition, our solutions guarantee consumers access to all the information they need to make an informed purchase; verifying the origin, authenticity and quality of the product, the ingredients used in its manufacture and the certifications obtained, all through a simple scan with their smartphone.

Consumers can ensure that the product they are buying does not contain allergens or harmful additives, that it has been produced and transported in accordance with the best applicable social (child labour) and eco-responsibility standards (e.g. organic farming, low CO2 footprint, GMO-free, etc.), or that it meets religious requirements (e.g. Halal).

It is this transparency, guaranteed by INEXTO solutions, that is the cornerstone of a lasting relationship of trust between producers, distributors, retailers and consumers”.

Inexto will be exhibiting at the following trade shows in 2019:

World Halal Summit: 28 November – 1 December 2019 @ Yenikapi, Istanbul, Turkey

Halal Expo London: 5 December – 7 December 2019 @ ExCel London, UK