Intel & Tracetracker To Develop Mobile Halal Food Traceability Device

Intel & Tracetracker To Develop Mobile Halal Food Traceability Device

KUALA LUMPUR, April 29 (Bernama) — Intel Technology Sdn
Bhd and TraceTracker Innovation ASA (TraceTracker) through their
Malaysian subsidiary TraceTracker Malaysia Sdn Bhd recently signed a
Teaming Agreement to develop a low cost mobile Halal food traceability

This strategic collaboration will bring significant benefits to
the Halal industry in Malaysia as the country continues to progress
towards becoming a Global Halal Hub and secure the confidence of 1.8
billion Halal consumers around the world.

“With the Halal market growing rapidly, we believe that it is
crucial to have a low cost mobile Halal food traceability device that
will be accessible by farmers, suppliers, processing houses, retailers
and consumers to collect, upload and download data that will comply to
the global traceability and Halal standard,” said managing director of
Intel Technology, Atul Bhargava, in a statement today.

“We are working very closely with TraceTracker and we’re in the
midst of developing the proof of concept of the Halal food traceability
mobile device,” added Bhargava.

Intel will provide a reference design for the devise based on
Intel Architecture which would enable users to connect real time
wirelessly to download, upload data and information remotely into
GTNet and – a web platform traceability solution for purposes of
tracing the movement of Halal food products along the supply chain.

Meanwhile, TraceTracker will provide the software application that will be installed on the device.

This software application is compatible with GTNet for Halal
traceability and is also compliant with global traceability standards.

TraceTracker is a global information exchange for the food industry.

It enables trading partners to exchange critical information
across whole supply chains and effectively create ‘food passports’ that
trace every stage of production, processing and distribution from
source to supermarket shelf.

With experts based in 10 offices across Asia, Europe and North
America, TraceTracker can immediately respond to customer’s needs.