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Interview: Shahed Amanullah – Can Capitalism be Ethical?

| 26/08/2019

This interview with Shahed Amanullah is describing the type of work that has driven him for the past few years for Muslim entrepreneurs. They have tried out multiple tools – financing, mentorship, analysis, apps & online platforms, etc. was his first entry into this sector which many of you will already know. He is now saying that you have to create opportunities for limitless peer-driven growth by knocking down all the obstacles and letting the energy and optimism of value-anchored entrepreneurs move things forward. Affinis Labs will be making a MAJOR announcement in the very near future as to how they are going to take this work to the next level NOW. I hope to be able to release it soon on HalalFocus!

Category: Asia, Ethical, Europe, Finance & Investment, Halal Trade, Market Intelligence, Opinion, Research, UK

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