Iran: The Report of the 5th Supreme Halal Council

The Fifth Supreme Halal Council was held with the presence of the members of this council in Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines (ICCIM). The agenda of this meeting was presenting the report of the adopting OIC Halal Food Standard in the 26th Session of the Standing Committee for Economic and Commercial Cooperation of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, on 5-8 October 2010 in Istanbul-Turkey, the procedures of implementation of this standard in different countries and surveying the plan of establishing Halal Research Center.
At first, Dr. Nahavandian, the Head of Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines, has enumerated the most important events as the adopting of Halal food standard by OIC member countries in the scope of Unity of Islamic Schools of Thought and said: “It is the first practical step of unity.
This unity will guarantee emphasizing on All Commons Islamic Values without deterring of each school of thought from their beliefs”. He said that this procedure is an effective way for agreement on the other points which should follow by the religious experts. Also he expressed his gratitude of all council members who were partaken in this great success. In this meeting, the letter of Ayatollah Safi Golpayegani addressed to the Head of council was read which included thanks of the efforts for adopting united Halal standard. Ayatollah Alemi, the representative of Supreme Leader in Jihad, added that after this success, there are many things which should be implemented and to make them practical in the international area. Mr. Kermanshahi, the representative of Trade Development Organization, has declared that considering to the clause of promotion and development of brand culture in the country, Halal brand is the first brand which is in the line of full supporter of this movement and asked to prepare the support package of this plan. It was confirmed to prepare a support package consisting of activities related to Halal brand and the Trade Development Organization will support it.
The next issue was presenting a report of adopting OIC Halal food standard in COMCEC 2010 to the member’s council which was presented by Dr. Mohammad Hossein Shojaei. Then “the plan of establishing Research Halal Center” was discussed. After presenting the ideas of attendants from Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education, Jihad of Agriculture, Iran Chamber, Ministry of Commerce and ICRIC’s advisors the principle of establishing Research Halal Center was confirmed totally and it was assigned that the details of this plan will be discuss in the next meeting.
About executive process and the implementation of Halal standard in different countries the council has launched a committee to survey the plan of informing this event in different countries. This committee will study and choose the best way and it will notify this standard to all countries in the world for implementation.