Irish Halal Products for the Home Market

Irish Halal Products for the Home Market

In October 2008, the west Waterford poultry processor, Cappoquin
Chickens, was brought out of receivership by Perwiaz Latif and Zahid
Hussain, who immediately set the company on a new path that focuses on
gradual growth and re-establishing its market share.  

Now under the banner of Cappoquin Poultry, the company is
particularly looking to serve the Halal market, with the two owners
already having considerable expertise in this specialist sector in the
UK operation. In Ireland, the growing Muslim community has historically
imported Halal poultry, so the company sees this as a wonderful
opportunity to fill a gap in the marketplace by supplying processed and
value-added Halal products using birds grown in the country itself.

Cappoquin Chickens, of course, has a reputation for quality
stretching back over 60 years, and the new owners have invested heavily
in the business in order to ensure a future for the company, its
employees and suppliers, with Perwiaz Latif explaining: “This
acquisition will safeguard the future of the facility, as well as local
industry, which would have been devastated if the company had been
allowed to close. The new structure will require a period of
re-organisation, which will result in continued employment for the
majority of the existing employees.”

Indeed, with over 150 skilled personnel and a modern 90,000sq. ft.
factory with a 10,000 kill an hour capacity, Cappoquin Poultry is
looking to the future with understandable optimism. 

Its ability to serve a growing niche market with a broad portfolio
of products, incorporating everything from nuggets through marinated
chicken, provides the company with a solid platform for ongoing growth,
with the business looking to increase the number of birds processed
from the current 200,000 to 500,000 per week. 

For further information on Cappoquin Poultry and how it can help to
fulfil your requirement for a wide range of chicken products – both
Halal and traditional – telephone 00353 58 54402, Fax 00353 58 54668.
You’ll be made very welcome.