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Islamic GPS – an augmented reality app

| 24/10/2017 | 2 Replies


London-based Islamic GPS, launched by Ikbal Hussain in 2016, is an augmented reality app that allows users to find mosques and Islamic landmarks around the world. By holding up your phone, the nearest mosque will appear with directions. If it’s a historic mosque, information is provided. The app aims to teach the history of the Muslim World in an innovative and useful manner.

Islamic GPS offers a radius to up to 20 kilometers for finding places to pray with an augmented reality feature. This means it gives you a live view of the world using GPS data. So if you go to Mecca or Istanbul, you’ll be able to see a variety of interesting landmarks.

Ranked among the top 10 apps in the travel category on the App store in Malawi, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. Islamic GPS app been used in 94 countries.

It’s Free app for both iPhone and Andriod


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  1. Suleyman says:

    The Islamic GPS app seems to need more work. I can’t suggest what as I’m no techy, but although it identifies nearby masajid, the directions it gives are wrong. I mean completely wrong. It ‘sees’ my local masjid, which is walking distance, but clicking on it and asking directions, the app tells me to drive 31 minutes to some other place. Likewise, the qibla direction is totally wrong despite my phone’s native compass correctly showing the direction. Maybe there are issues in certain places (I’m in Dubai, UAE) or some bugs in how the app works with some phones or some android variants. Anybody here have a suggestion?

  2. salama says:

    Will check out this weekend when we meet up with the Founder at the Muslim Lifestyle Expo in Manchester! First I must ask – what is normal GPS like in Dubai? Have they managed to map it out with so many new buildings and new roads? Is it Islamic GPS or GPS in general?

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