Islamic hotels to hit the market

Dubai-based Almulla Hospitality is gearing towards making Islamic hotels

a force to be reckoned with in the competitive hospitality sector.

Its chairman Abdullah Mohamed Almulla said that there is a huge market

for Islamic hotels as more and more Muslims were travelling now not only

for religious reasons but also for business and leisure.

“The Islamic hotel chain is a new industry, a new wave coming through,”

he told BERNAMA on the sidelines of the Global Halal and Islamic

Business Forum held in conjunction with the Halal World Expo here recently.

He said that currently the market for Islamic hotels was very fragmented

due to lack of professional management. Abdullah said that as such there

was a need for an international Islamic hotel chain and Almulla

Hospitality recognised this fact.

In line with this, the group had established three core brand names,

Cliftonwood, Adham and Wings, to accommodate demand from Muslim and

non-Muslim travellers, he said. He said that Almulla, which is a syariah

compliant company, aimed to be the first Islamic international chain

managing Islamic hotels.

The Dubai-based hospitality group had launched the three brands in

October as part of its move to go forward in the industry. “We are

currently in serious discussions with various investors to establish

their hotels and we look forward if there any other investors with

existing hotels who want to convert them to Islamic hotels,” Abdullah said.

He also said that Islamic hotels were not only for the Muslims but also

for non-Muslims. “Hospitality is a culture and as part of the halal

hospitality culture we provide service to our community but since we are

also an international hotel chain, we also provide international

service,” he explained.

Abdullah said that the Islamic hotels would also be for other

nationalities, other religion and cultural backgrounds.