Italy: Halal International Authority (HIA) Recognized by MUI

Halal Interational Authority (HIA) Italy, has recently received a determination from MUI as a Halal Certification Body which is recognized and accepted by MUI for slaughtering and food processing category. This determination from MUI is issued through a Decree No. D-511/MUI/X/2011.

The decree has been provided to Sheikh Prof.Dr.Eng. Sharif Lorenzini, as the President of HIA Italy, because according to the head of the MUI, this Halal Certification Body of Italy which has its headquarters in Bari, and branch offices in Milan, Italy has fulfilled the requirements and in compliance with the conditions stipulated by MUI in the aspects of halal certification. The decree itself is valid for two years period. That is described by Drs.H.M. Ichwan Sam, the Secretary General of MUI who signed the decree dated on October 25, 2011, along with Drs.H. Amidhan, the Chairman of MUI.

Earlier, Sheikh Sharif Dr. Lorenzini who obtained master degree from Medina University, Saudi Arabia, has also followed the International Training for Auditors of Halal Certifying Bodies held by LPPOM MUI in July 2011 in Bogor. “We follow this international training because we want to explore further about halal certification system designed and implemented by LPPOM MUI,” he said in a talk conversation with Usman Effendi AS, from Halal magazines and the internet site,

Indonesia has been recognized, however, added by this Italian Muslim leader, as the world halal center and the halal certification system by LPPOM MUI has also been internationally accepted and adopted by overseas halal certification bodies.

By following the international training by LPPOM MUI, he hopes he can establish a better cooperation with this Indonesian Muslims institution which has shown its work in the field of halal certification which is required by Muslim people internationally. (Translated into English by Usman Effendi AS).