Jakim’s halal lab to be ready by 2011

ever-increasing demand for halal products has spurred the Islamic
Development Department (Jakim) to set up a multi-million ringgit
laboratory that is able to carry out sophisticated and advanced tests
to determine the halal worthiness of any product.  

laboratory, estimated to cost around RM21mil will be ready by 2011 and
will see close collaboration between the department and University
Putra Malaysia (UPM), which is renowned for its tests, research work
and R&D development for halal products.  

The high-tech facility will be placed at the Halal Management Complex at Bandar Enstek, located in Nilai, Negri Sembilan.  

director-general Datuk Wan Mohammad Sheikh Abdul Aziz said the
laboratory, once in operation, would expedite tests being conducted on
products before they could be certified as halal, adding customers’
concern has resulted in many companies applying for halal certification
from the department.  

said that in 2005, Jakim had received 716 applications for its halal
certification while last year, the number of applications received
surged to 1,743. Currently, the department has to depend on the
Chemistry Department to help carry out tests before it could issue a
halal certificate.  

issuing halal certification, we need to really ascertain that all the
ingredients used by manufacturers are genuinely halal, as stipulated by
the (Muslim) religion. This has to be adhered to strictly by companies
wishing to obtain our halal certificate.  

reason why a lot of companies are clamouring for Jakim’s halal
certification is because of the expanding market comprising Muslim
consumers. Even non-Muslims have started to become discerning and
concerned about the types of ingredients that are used in food, medical
and cosmetic products.  

we have the laboratory, Jakim will be able to conduct tests with utmost
precision, effectively and efficiently,” he told reporters Tuesday
after the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Jakim
and UPM.  

MoU allows close collaboration and co-operation between the two parties
to develop the halal laboratory. Wan Mohammad signed on behalf of Jakim
while UPM was represented by its vice-chancellor, Prof Datuk Dr Nik
Mustapha Abdullah. Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Dr
Abdullah Md Zin witnessed the signing ceremony.