Jawhara Gardens Hotel receives ISO 9001:2000 certification

Hotels part of the UAE based business conglomerate S.S. Lootah Group
received the ‘BS EN ISO 9001:2000’ certification for its Jawhara
Gardens Hotel.

Gardens is the flagship hotel of the Jawhara chain and has always
pursued excellence in its processes where everything right from
cleaning of the hotel up to accounting follows the Islamic and Halal

Nasser Lootah, Executive Director, Jawhara Hotels, commented, “As the
first Islamic family hotel in the region based on ‘True Emirates
Hospitality’, we are proud to set new benchmarks in the highly
competitive hospitality industry by offering a pure ‘Halal’ atmosphere
and a taste of Islamic culture. We will continue to pursue excellence
and set benchmarking trends in our delivery of Islamic hospitality
through innovative service offerings.”

Gardens recently introduced the ‘Pure room’ for the first time in the
gulf, called so after being certified by the American company ‘Pure
Solutions’, that involves an innovative, one-of-a-kind process for
maintenance of the rooms.

hotel also recently launched a new seafood restaurant ‘Qasr-al- Bahr’
and presented the ‘Halal’ concept of hospitality in a recent exhibition
held at the United Kingdom.