Kenya: Farmer’s Choice targets UAE meat market


Famer’s Choice will start exporting meat products to the United Arab Emirates before the end of this year.

The company said plans are complete and within the next few months, the company would roll out the expansion plan also targeting Egypt within Africa.

“We are currently waiting for Halal certification license from the veterinary services. After the issuance in a few weeks, we will be able to supply Arab countries with our products,” said Farmer’s Choice Managing Director Jin Taylor.

He said the company will supply 20 per cent of its meat products to the new markets and target new institutions within East Africa region with the rest. Farmer’s Choice recently completed the construction of a $4 million dollar slaughter house facility.

According to the company, the facility would enable the company to slaughter between 600 to 1,000 cattles in a week up from 200.

Last year, the company doubled its revenue from the sale of smokies (a product within its distribution).

“We hope to double the sales of smokies to 4,000 tonnes this year,” said Mr Taylor.

He was speaking during a ceremony to reward its vendors in its last year’s promotion dubbed dandia motor bike na smokies

The vendors drawn from Nairobi won prizes which included motorbikes and certificates.

Famers Choice Marketing Manager Mike Anderson said they are considering more competition in this year to boost sales and motivate vendors.