Libya’s Capital Tripoli to Host Workshop on Halal Food Industry  

A workshop on the halal food industry is planned to be organized in the Libyan capital of Tripoli by the country’s Ministry of Economy and Trade.

Libyan Ministry of Economy and Trade

The ministry said Monday that it will be holding the workshop at Tripoli International Fairgrounds on March 7, under the banner: “Towards effective governance of the halal food sector”.

It reported that the workshop topics will be:

  • The halal food industry: contemporary issues and challenges.
  • Jurisprudential and legislative controls for the production of halal food.
  • The halal food governance structure: Methods and Requirements.
  • Modern techniques applied in the detection of halal food.
  • The role of the private sector in halal food production practices.
  • Experiences of Arab and Islamic countries in controlling halal food.

The ministry said the invitation is open to researchers, experts and specialists to participate in papers covering the themes of the workshop.

Abstracts of the papers should be sent via e-mail:

The deadline for receiving entries is February 20.