Liquorice brand bagged

Tangerine Confectionery has made its classic Wilkinson’s ‘Perfected Pontefract Cakes’ available in 190g pre-packed bags.

Made in the traditional way but now using only natural colours
and flavours, there is no added salt and the cakes are suitable for
vegetarians and Halal approved.

Sarah Brown, brand manager of Wilkinson’s, said: “We know from
weigh-out sales that loose Pontefract Cakes are popular and we are sure
that the pre-packed bag will prove appealing to retailers and customers

The new pack features pictures of the Pontefract Cakes along
with an artist’s impression of the historic Pontefract Castle.
Available in 190g bags, the cakes come in similarly designed retail
ready cases of 12 with a RRP of 99 pence.