Looking for a kosher and halal-certified cysteine for bakery goods?

WACKER is the only commercial manufacturer in the world to produce cysteine from purely vegetarian-grade
raw materials
by our patented fermentation process.

This means that our cysteine is not only certified for vegetarian,
and halal-compliant food, but also carries absolutely no risk of TSE/BSE.

Our cysteine is used, for example, as a processing auxiliary to make
baked goods
. Cysteine causes the disulfide bridges in gluten to break down, making
the dough softer and easier to knead

Play it safe and find out about the next-generation cysteine:



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WACKER, produces the amino acid cysteine for the first time via fermentation
from non-animal and non-human raw materials. This patented process eliminates
all concerns regarding materials originating from human and animal sources
(e.g. BSE and other related issues). Cysteine is one of the 20 natural amino
acids and, beside methionine, the only one which contains sulfur.

Cysteine is used in pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic applications and is
available from WACKER in different qualities for pharmaceutical and food