Malaysia: A New Business Platform For Halal Product Industry

DinarHijjaz – A New Business Platform For Halal Product Industry

By Noor Adila Ali

KOTA BAHARU, Feb 13 (Bernama) — DinarHijjaz, a Bumiputera-owned multi-level marketing business, is opening up its business platform to multi-racial Malaysians in efforts to expand the halal food industry in the country.

DinarHijjaz Marketing Director Malik Shaifullizam said DinarHijjaz, established with a joint-venture company with the Hijjaz nasyid group in August last year, has come up with 10 products under “Hijjaz” brand to date.

They are Hijjaz Barely Coffee; Hijjaz Power Drink; Hijjaz Women Drink; Hijjaz I; Hijjaz DeTox Patch; and Hijjaz Bio Wipes, among others.

The latest DinarHijjaz product launched today was Hijjaz DC5, a health product made from eight selected herbs to protect five vital organs in a human body — heart, liver, kidney, intestine and blood content.

“With all DinarHijjaz products certified to be halal and formulated from carefully-selected herbs mixture of the best quality, we believe our main aim to help our community to engage in business and open up opportunities to learn the business acumen and skills from the lowest to the highest level will materialise,” he told reporters after the Hijjaz DC5 product launch.

Malik said a cooperative has been established to enhance DinarHijjaz’s business operations and its branch network.

“This is the difference between DinarHijjaz and other multi-level marketing business. We’ve set up a cooperative jointly owned by the members and not for personal interest.

“With the setting up of the cooperative, DinarHijjaz will emerge stronger by having members from diverse groups and background.

“Through this cooperative, the management, capital generation and profit sharing can be done fairly,” he said.

Malik said DinarHijjaz had received encouraging response from the people in the east coast states.

The cooperative has more than 1,000 members since its inception a few months ago, he said.

“Operating under the halal product concept with products under our own brand name, with two factories in Shah Alam and Terengganu, we believe our target to achieve 10,000 members from country-wide will be realised,” he said.

For a start, DinarHijjaz aims to engage 100 stockists by year-end, he added.