Malaysia aims to open Halal Corridors Between Malaysia and Türkiye at OIC Halal Expo 2022

ISTANBUL: The highly anticipated 9th OIC Halal Expo 2022 will be held in conjunction with the 8th World Halal Summit on 24-27 November 2022 at Istanbul, Türkiye. Malaysia will once again make its strong presence by taking up a pavilion called ‘Malaysia Showcase’.

Following its success in 2021, My Events International will be hosting and organising the Malaysia Showcase 2022. As a result, the official announcement was made on the participation of the Malaysian entrepreneurs to this event. This is definitely timely as part of the National Recovery Plan for entrepreneurs to reclaim their opportunities to advance to new markets and develop export potentials, post Malaysia’s National Recovery Plan.

The event will be hosted for four (4) days to provide a platform to entrepreneurs and business owners to participate globally to showcase their products and services for the halal industry. The event consists of more than 500 exhibitors, conference and business matchings which will attract more than 35,000 visitors and delegates from more than 20 countries.

The participation of Malaysia’s Halal Showcase at the 9th OIC Halal Expo 2022 has been seen as a concrete step to build and foster relationships among businesses and companies from both countries.

The Malaysia Showcase Pavilion is known to be the biggest pavilion at the 9th OIC Halal Expo with size of 500sq/m, will showcase more than 35 companies. It will be officiated by Consulate General of Malaysia, Istanbul, H.E Tengku Mohd Dzaraif Raja Abdul Kadir accompanied the Trade Commissioner of MATRADE Malaysia, En Zahiruddin Basiran.

This year’s participation has been overwhelmed as more organisations are joining the halal business as it continues to grow and capitalise on the lucrative halal market. The halal economy has the potential to significantly increase the global economy if it can seize opportunities and work through challenges brought on by globalisation.

The recent signing of the Joint Declaration on The Expansion of the Free Trade Agreement Between the Government of Malaysia and The Government of The Republic of Türkiye has marked the commitment between these two nations to boost post-pandemic recovery and economic growth. This will certainly establish a strong relationship between the two countries, allowing the Malaysian entrepreneurs to set foot in Türkiye. Türkiye remains as one of the emerging export markets with significant growth.

According to the Consulate General of Malaysia, Istanbul, H.E Tengku Mohd Dzaraif Raja Abdul Kadir,

“It is hoped that more Malaysian Halal Companies will be able to establish partnerships with Türkiye. We are looking forward to building networks to expand our horizon in this region.”

Following the success of the last event held in 2021, the Malaysian Pavilion has witnessed an overwhelmed response from more than 5000 visitors from various sectors such as the Chamber of Commerce, Trade Associations and Federations and the private sector such as importers, retail outlets, supermarkets and wholesalers. We hope to attract more than 6000 visitors with more than 200 B2B meetings.

Trade Commissioner of MATRADE Malaysia, En Zahiruddin Basiran said,

“To thrive in today’s global halal market, company owners and entrepreneurs must consider developing brands, cultivating a distinct identity for their products, and engaging the relevant audience. You will go far in the global market if you challenge yourself to think creatively beyond the box.”

Malaysian companies who are keen to gain a better understanding about the Turkish market are urged to join us on this wonderful opportunity.

This Malaysia Showcase 2022 is organised by My Events International, not forgetting our Media Partners HalalFocus, H Media and The Leaders Online. The Malaysia Showcase is representing an approach to promote the expansion of Malaysia halal economics in the world markets.

The event also features the famous element of the Teh Tarik Session, a relaxing session focusing on topics related to the halal market over freshly-made Teh Tarik! The main goal of the session is to have insightful information sessions with people from various backgrounds and subject- matter experts. With business matching activities being organised, it is believed the entrepreneurs will accomplish partnerships and collaborations during this event.

A Business Matching Session will also be held during the showcase. Many exhibitors from other countries are expected to come to Malaysia Showcase to establish business networking among the halal market and economy.