Malaysia: Authorities get tough on halal ruling

BUSTED: Traders found using halal certifications and logos not endorsed by religious department

JAJ officers issuing a warning notice to a business operator for using an expired halal logo. Pic by Fahmi Yusof

New Straits Times

JOHOR BARU: FOOD traders who want to use the halal logo at their premises and for their products need to apply for the halal certification from the Johor Religious Affairs Department (JAJ).

The halal logo ruling will be enforced from July.

JAJ officers made  spot checks at many eateries recently and found that some of them were using either a halal certification issued by the private sector, or that their halal certification had already expired.

The department  also found that some premises were only displaying decorative items with holy verses in the  hope of deceiving  the authorities and their customers.

JAJ research division deputy director Yusree Ihsan said   three premises were issued  with warning notices.

“Apparently, the premises only used a private certification that was not approved by us. They have been warned to apply for a new certification and halal logo from us.

“We also  asked several premises to remove  the expired halal logo from their products until they have obtained a  renewal,” he said.

The Home Affairs Ministry, the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-operatives and Consumerism, the Johor Baru City Council and the Immigration Department also joined in the checks.

Yusree said some  food traders in the food court near  Danga City Mall were asked to bring down  decorative items with Quran  verses as they appeared to be  misleading the people.

During the spot check,  the Immigration Department  nabbed five foreign workers without  valid travel documents.