Malaysia: Halal certification a preferred lifestyle choice

By Yusouff Zamri – New Straits Times

ccm-logo-only READ with interest recently about Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM) awarding Chemical Company of Malaysia or CCM with the Halal Certification for its range of Prescriptive Medicines.

I felt inclined to read further about the Halal Certification and was very pleased to note that there is now a specific Halal Certification for Pharmaceuticals referred to as MS2424: 2012 Halal Pharmaceuticals-Standard Guidelines.

This Halal Standard is the first of its kind in the world and it is developed here. It is interesting to point out that prior to the availability of this certification, medicines, vitamins and health supplements were certified Halal based on Food Standards MS1900.Jakim-logo

As a Muslim consumer, I am very particular about the halal status of the products I use daily because a halal product does not only mean that it is permissible in Islam but also manifests the aspects of quality, hygiene and safety.

In fact, halal is now more of a preferred lifestyle and is not limited to food and beverage products.

For this, I applaud Jakim and all other bodies involved in coming up with this new Halal Standard and also kudos to CCM which is seriously doing their bit to produce and ensure that Halal pharmaceuticals are made available for everyone.

Halal is suitable for everyone. as it takes into consideration every aspect and process

YUSOUFF ZAMRI, Ampang, Selangor