Malaysia: Halal Industry Development Corporation partners South Korea

DEAL SEALED: (Left) South Korea’s Gyeongbuk Institute for Bio Industry president Seok Hyun Ha with Jamil at the ceremony
DEAL SEALED: (Left) South Korea’s Gyeongbuk Institute for Bio Industry president Seok Hyun Ha with Jamil at the ceremony

HALAL Industry Development Corp Sdn Bhd (HDC) and South Korean main industrial-science park , Gyeongbuk Techno Park (GBTP) and Gyeongbuk Institute For Bio Industry (GIB) have joined forces with the objective to promote the halal industry in Gyeongbuk province and ultimately throughout the South Korea.

This is the first time GBTP and GIB in strategic collaboratIon with HDC to explore the potential of halal market and understanding the significance of halal certification.

Established in 2006, HDC which is an agency under the Ministry of International Trade and Industry has the objective of coordinating the overall development of the Halal industry in Malaysia for both the domestic and international markets.

It is also an important milestone for HDC as the prime mover of the global halal industry to penetrate the non Muslim market by creating awareness to South Korean local companies on the importance and benefits of halal products and services.

HDC will provide advisory, consultancy and promotion of halal Industry in Gyeongbuk province.

Both parties will also exchange and provide information regarding halal market for the benefit of both, Malaysia and South Korea..

As a result of the agreement, GBTP and GIB will support the local province government in assisting local South Korean companies in the application process of the halal certification.

“The collaboration is part of HDC’s out reach program to create awareness and interest for more South Korean companies to be halal certified,” said HDC’s chief executive officer Datuk Seri Jamil Bidin.

Through this certification, he added, “South Korean companies will then be able to explore the world’s fast growing Muslim market”.

South Korea has been well known for its biotechnology development and this would be a strategic collaboration for Malaysian companies to be innovation driven in sourcing out halal raw materials and ingredients supplies especially for food and cosmetics industries.

The potential of halal industry size is at US$2 trillion (RM6.2 trillion) with Muslim population at 1.8 billion.

The halal industry has been developed in Malaysia more than 30 years and has been recognised as the global halal hub.